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Return 2 Riding (R2R)

If you’ve had a riding or other horse-related accident, been injured by your horse, had an accident or injury that is not horse-related but is interfering in your horse activities, and you want to get back in the swing of things, but are having trouble getting past what happened, try the Return 2 Riding program. Even if riding is not your thing, but you have some fear to overcome, some confidence to regain, or some other hurdle keeping you from getting back to what you love to do with your horse, this is the program for you. 


Is there a specific problem you want to solve? Whether it’s a problem you or your horse has, we can get to the root of it with a thorough investigation unlike any other in the equine industry. Get the benefits of Sadie’s experience in deep exploration of the inner workings of both people and horses, and her unique insight into the horse-human relationship. We will find all of the contributing factors, identify strategies for resolving them, and support you through the transformation process. 

Packaged programs are 3 months long Ongoing follow-up sessions can be purchased individually, as needed, or in reduced-rate bundles.

Pricing is calculated for equity using a sliding scale.

Scholarships may be available for people of under-privileged identity. 

How to know if coaching with Compassion-Focused Horsemanship is for you and your horse: 

  • You’re haven’t been able to identify what’s really wrong

  • You haven’t been able to find a solution that works

  • You want individualized guidance that targets your unique situation, not one size fits all

  • You’re tired of over-simplified solutions that don’t seem to get to the root cause

  • You don’t want to use forceful or punitive techniques

  • You are open to new and different ways of thinking and doing things

  • You are curious about or want help with positive reinforcement training

  • You want specialized help from someone who understands you and your horse

  • You want your horse to trust you completely

  • You want to be able to trust your horse completely

  • You want to feel a deep sense of mutual undertanding and connection with your horse

  • You are tired of being told you have to be your horse’s leader or boss

  • You know there’s a better way, but you don’t know what that is

  • You want expert guidance in how to develop your own unique relationship with your horse

  • You want to discover your own true path in the horsemanship journey 

Do any of those sound true for you?

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