Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to have my own horse to participate in Compassion Focused Horsemenship coaching?

You have to have at least one horse you can work with. If you want to work with multiple horses, it will require multiple assessments. If you don’t own your own horse, then you will need to have the owner (whether individual/lessee or facility, rescue, etc) complete and submit the provided form acknowledging they understand that you will be training the horse and giving you permission to do so.

Do I have to have prior horse experience?

No, however it is assumed you have at least some basic horse experience. It is recommended that you know how to ride prior to taking the course, unless you do not intend to train your horse for riding. It should be understood that the participant will not be approved for training plans involving activities with the horse that they do not have prior experience with. For best results, if you do not have prior experience, you may wish to take a course of lessons at a local facility before engaging in this course.

Does it matter what discipline of riding I participate in?

No. CFH is designed to work for any discipline or activity you wish to engage in with your horse, whether it involves riding or not. It can be used to train horses in english or western riding, driving, vaulting, agility, tricks/performance, or liberty work. Be advised, though, that some disciplines and training techniques are not a best fit when approaching horsemanship with compassion, if there are deleterious impacts on the horse due to the nature of the sport or method; these usually include racing or timed-event style competitions, and certain postures or maneuvers the horse is asked to perform. Abusive practices related to certain types of performance are not supported by CFH. Also be aware that the techniques needed to train to higher levels of a discipline may require assistance from a professional trainer. Our coaching and courses are designed to work with you, your horse, and your trainer, if you have one. If you have further questions about this topic please contact us.

Does my horse need any prior training?

No. It is possible to use Compassion Focused HorsemanshipTM with an untouched horse of any age.

What technology and devices do I need to have?

For courses, you will need to have internet access and a device that you feel comfortable using for consuming course materials – reading documents, watching videos, listening to audio recordings, and taking online assessments. A computer may be optimal for some of the materials, while a handheld or bluetooth capable device may be best for others. You will be able to download some of the resources and print materials, and a printer may be useful if you want to make hard copies. You will also need a camera that can record video to submit for assessment. You may need an assistant to video you if you do not have a tripod or are doing an activity with movement.

For coaching you will need access to phone and/or video calling. You will also need to provide photos and possibly video. You will need email and be able to download, print, scan, and attach documents to your return email.

Do I have to have a horse training facility, round pen, etc?

No. Although certain types of enclosures are ideal, almost any situation can work and will be taken into account in your training plans. At times you will need to be able to separate the horse from others, if they are housed in a group.

Do I have to have any training equipment or tools?

The equipment and tools will depend on your personal choices and training goals. Many traditional horse training tools will not be used or will be used in ways that differ from their traditional uses.

What if I have a disability?

Please inform us regarding any disability you have when you start coaching or sign up for a course. We will assist you in making an adaptive plan for the course and do everything we can to make the necessary accommodations to support you in completing the course successfully. Be advised, an appropriate adaptive plan may not be achievable depending on certain factors. Coaching is the best way to start in order to make appropriate determinations and plans.

What else do I need to have?

Time and persistence. In many ways your horse and your training goals will determine how long it takes to achieve what you want. But it also will depend on how much time you have to spend on it. This is not a short or easy path; it requires a level of commitment and persistence to be successful with it. You will benefit from freely sharing any and all thoughts and questions that come up for you. There are no wrong questions and you are encouraged to reach out to us if at any time you feel stuck, confused, frustrated, or discouraged. Your level of engagement could make the difference in being successful.


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