With Compassion-Focused Horsemanship 



I’m so glad you’re here. Nothing is more exciting to me than witnessing transformations that bring people and horses into harmony with each other. 

My coaching programs are designed to help you connect through compassionate practices, to deepen your connection with yourself and the connection with your horse. 

If you are struggling to overcome a negative event or to find solutions to problems that are keeping you and your horse stuck on repeat, my programs will show you how to build – or rebuild – a trusting, enjoyable relationship with your horse. 

A full assessment of you and your horse will allow us to co-create a tailored plan that directly addresses the root causes and guides you through the transformation process that will lead you to your goals.

Compassion, psychology, and the science of learning and behavior in horses are combined to help you understand the many dynamics involved in how the problem came to be and what factors need to be addressed to solve it.

What you will get when you purchase a coaching package:

  • A thorough assessment of you and your horse
  • A fully individualized plan to achieve your goals
  • Weekly 30-60 minute video or phone call coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support
  • Private Facebook coaching group access
  • Reduced package rate


Let’s do a curiousity call!

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