Are you seeking connection with your horse?

Do you want a trusting relationship with your horse, one that you can relax into and enjoy ?! 


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I’m guessing you’re here because you haven’t been feeling so connected with your horse. 

 Maybe… you’re new to horses and unsure of yourself and don’t know who to trust to teach you and guide you in the process.

Maybe… you’ve had an accident or an injury with your horse and are struggling to regain confidence or get back into what you like to do with your horse.

Or, maybe… your horse is having a problem that you just can’t seem to get past. What is it for you? 

What is it for you? 

I know how frustrating and scary some experiences like these can be. As a lifelong horse person, I’ve been through a lot of these situations myself. And, as a therapist, I’ve learned how to heal myself and others from them.

Now, I’m bringing all my experience to the horse world again, coaching others in their horsemanship journeys, helping them find their own unique process, and transforming their relationships with their horses. 

Horses are magnificent and powerful animals – both physically and energetically – and they offer us countless opportunities to, heal, learn, and grow. They challenge us to transform into our best selves.

But, as humans, we sometimes don’t get the message. We can’t always see the point of the lesson, find our way out of a predicament, get unstuck, and understand what we’re meant to gain from what the horse is showing us. 

 We ALL need some guidance from time to time! 

Some of the negative experiences we have along the way can cause us to become blocked , In ourselves And in our relationships.

This makes it harder to connect and trust. We lose trust in others, in our horses. We lose trust in ourselves. And if we don’t trust ourselves, how can we expect our horses to trust us?

Or, if we just don’t know how to connect with a horse, How do we go about building a trusting connection?

The great thing is, that’s where compassion comes in. Compassion is the core, fundamental practice that helps us learn, grow, and heal. With compassion we can better:
Improve resilience
Develop inner wisdom
Understand horses
Make decisions
Feel confident
Communicate clearly
Create harmony
And experience connection

That’s why I developed Compassion-Focused Horsemanship, A program with the best methods for creating the trusting connection you’re seeking.

Compassion-Focused Horsemanship is:
*Using Compassion-Focused Horsemanship, I help people find the right answer for them and their horse , deepen harmony and connection, heal the ruptures of the past, and create strong, healthy relationships. 

If you would like to

Learn what trust is made of and how to build it
Develop trust in yourself as a horse person (ie, confidence!)
Learn the keys to building your horse’s trust in you… 

Then let’s visit and talk about where Compassion-Focused Horsemanship can take you and your horsemanship journey. 

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